Get up to 30% off a NEW 4 Series B, 5 Series B, or 6 Series B MSO
Out with the old and in with the new! 

(Promotion available until 31st December 2024)

Earn up to a 30% discount on new 1 GHz or higher 4 Series B, 5 Series B or 6 Series B MSO oscilloscope models with the trade-in of a qualifying used Tektronix or competitors’ oscilloscope. Not only will you make measurements and troubleshoot faster, with greater accuracy and confidence, but you will get a great price on our latest intuitive, award-winning oscilloscopes.

The 4 Series B, 5 Series B, and 6 Series B MSOs deliver:

  • A range of bandwidths from 200 MHz to 10 GHz
  • State-of-the-art, intuitive touchscreen user interfaces
  • 12-bit ADCs with up to 16-bit resolution in Hi Res Mode
  • Big HD displays
  • Multi-channel, synchronised spectrum analysis
  • Supported with a wide range of TekVPI smart probes

Education Offer 25% DISCOUNT

(Promotion available until 31st July 2024)

  • 1. Offer expires 31st July 2024.
    2. All Tektronix products sold to educational institutions are eligible for an education discount. Qualified educational customers are defined as those who use test equipment for the sole purpose of educating and training.
    3.This definition includes all non-profit educational institutes as well as trade or vocational establishments that are in the business of education and/or training as well as education research institutes.
    4.Excluded from this definition are training departments/organizations within large commercial companies.
    5.This 25% promotional discount cannot be combined with any other Tektronix promos; EDU eligible customers willing to benefit from other active promotions (e.g. supercharge, trade-in etc..) will receive max 15% EDU discount on the combined offer
    6.Parametric Testers (PF 2505) are excluded from this offer.
    7.Tektronix reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.

Supercharged 2 Series MSO!
Tektronix 2-series MSO promotion - 40% DISCOUNT

(Promotion available until 30th September 2024)

Purchase a 100MHz, 200MHz, 350Mhz and 500MHz units, with 2-ULTIMATE and 2-MSO options will get 40% off of list price! The base 70MHz version of the scope and the 2-channel versions are NOT included

These are the bundle options

MSO24 2-BW-100 + 2-ULTIMATE + 2-MSO
MSO24 2-BW-200 + 2-ULTIMATE + 2-MSO
MSO24 2-BW-350 + 2-ULTIMATE + 2-MSO
MSO24 2-BW-500 + 2-ULTIMATE + 2-MSO

4 Series MSO Encore Limited Time Offer
50% Off First-Generation 4 Series MSOs

(Promotion available until 29th March 2024)

Own a First-Generation 4 Series MSO for 50% Off Regular Price

This offer is applicable to Encore MSO44 or MSO46 units. • Experience a big high-res touch display and 12-bit ADCs with a broad array of available decoding and analysis options • Additional software options may be added to these instruments at a 50% discount.

Save up to 68% when you purchase our 3 Series Mixed Domain oscilloscope! See More, for Less!

(Promotion available until 30th June 2024)

• FREE bandwidth upgrade to next level higher bandwidth
• Plus 3 other free options
• Customers qualified as EDUCATIONAL can also receive our special 15% discount!

4 Series B Ultimate Bundle Promotion!

(Promotion available until 28th June 2024)

Get a permanent subscription to a complete suite of application software with the purchase any 4 Series B Oscilloscope.

This program cannot be combined with other sales promotion/programs
Qualifying Oscilloscopes:

    MSO44B 4-BW-200       MSO46B 4-BW-200
    MSO44B 4-BW-350       MSO46B 4-BW-350
    MSO44B 4-BW-500       MSO46B 4-BW-500
    MSO44B 4-BW-1000     MSO46B 4-BW-1000
    MSO44B 4-BW-1500     MSO46B 4-BW-1500

KickStart Software Promotion: Expand the capabilities of your test bench with 6 months of KickStart Test Automation Software

(Promotion available until 31st March 2024)

Drive Innovation Through Faster Test and Measurement with KickStart Software.

For a limited time, significantly expand the capabilities of your test bench with 6 months of KickStart Benchtop Test Automation Software included with your qualifying hardware purchase. This is the perfect opportunity to gather insights faster and make the decisions you need to move on to the next stage of device development.