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Engineering students in years three and four usually work on specific projects to give them a real world understanding of what life is like as an engineer in industry. These projects could include topics as diverse as Bio-Sensors, Robotics, The Internet of Things (IoT) or RF/Wireless devices and the fundamentals lab equipment isn’t equipped for this type of testing.

The project lab test equipment might need to capture signals at higher bandwidths, make measurements of analogue and mixed signal circuits, power management or measurements in both the time and frequency domain making sure the design doesn’t interfere with other items on the board.

The equipment here follows the same pattern as the fundamentals lab but may include oscilloscopes which can measure in both the time and frequency domain, decode and analyse serial buses and make power measurements. The signal generator needed may be a higher bandwidth and capable of making complex stimulus signals during test while the digital multimeter might need higher resolution for deeper insight. A source measure unit might be needed to characterize individual components, while an RF signal generator might be needed to provide an adjustable, repeatable RF signal.


Tektronix/Anapico Project Lab Bench





MDO34 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope  

100 MHz - 1 GHz, 4 Analog Channels, 16 Digital Channels (OPT)


AFG31102 Arbitrary Function Generator    

100 MHz frequency, 2 Analog Channels


DMM6500 Digital Multimeter    

1Msample/s, 16-bit Digitizer, up to 15 Measurement Functions


2231A-30-3 3 Channel Power Supply    

2 or 3 Outputs, 30V Maximum Voltage


RSA306B USB Spectrum Analyser with Signal Vu Software    

9 kHz - 6.2 GHz USB Spectrum Analyser, 40 MHz Real-Time Bandwidth


APSINX010 RF Signal Generator    

Frequency Range: 9 kHz - 2, 4 or 6.1 GHz


2450 Source Measure Unit    

1A Max current, 200V Max Voltage, 1 Channel


2281S-20-6 Battery Simulator/DC Power Supply    

1 Output, 20 V Maximum Voltage

Featured Products

Tektronix 3 Series MDO oscilloscope

Managing multiple instruments on a bench can be troublesome. The MDO34 combines analog, digital, and RF measurements with a signal source....

Tektronix AFG31000 Arbitrary Function Generator

The AFG31102 is a high-performance AFG with built-in arbitrary waveform generation, real-time waveform monitoring, and the largest touchscreen on the market.....

Keithley DMM6500 digital multi meter

A touchscreen bench/production test DMM with more measurement capability - including transient capture, data visualization, and analysis.....

Keithley 2231A-30-3 3 Channel Power Supply

The Models 2220, 2220G, 2230, and 2230G Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supplies combine two and three channels of output power to cost-effectively....

Tektronix RSA306B USB spectrum analyser with Signal Vu software

The RSA306B USB spectrum analyser might be small but it packs a big punch. It’s loaded with features you’d.....

Anapico APSINX010 RF signal generator

The APSIN RF models comprises a set of very compact, portable analog signal generator models up to 6100 MHz. A combination of good signal purity....

Keithley 2400 Source Measure Unit

For over 25 years , the Model 2400 has been used in research and development labs and on production lines around the world....

Keithley 2281-20-6 Battery Simulator/DC Power Supply

The 2281S-20-6 Dynamic Battery Simulator uses a model to emulate the response of a battery over its discharge cycle....

Keysight Project Lab Bench





InfiniiVison 3000T X-Series Oscilloscope

200 MHz, 4 Analog + 16 Digital Channels


33622A Waveform Generator

120 MHz, 2 Channel


EDU36311A DC Power Supply

Combine Triple Outputs with Powerful Software for Deeper Insights


34465A Digital Multimeter

6 ½ Digit, Truevolt DMM


N9310A RF Signal Generator

9 kHz - 3 GHz


N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyser (BSA)

9 kHz - 7 GHz


B2901B Precision Source/Measure Unit

1 ch, 100 fA Resolution, 210 V, 3 A DC / 10.5 A Pulse

Featured Products

Keysight InfiniiVison 3000T X-Series Oscilloscope

Keysight InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series oscilloscopes offer our high-end technology in a smaller form factor, with an extremely intuitive touch user interface.

Keysight 33622A Waveform Generator

Keysight's exclusive Trueform technology gives you the confidence to produce the exact waveforms you need with best-in-class signal fidelity...

Keysight EDU36311A DC Power Supply

The EDU36311A triple-output power supply has a compact design to fit anywhere on your bench. Monitor all your outputs simultaneously from any angle with its 7-inch color display.

Keysight 34465A Digital Multimeter

Truevolt DMM's graphical capabilities such as trend and histogram charts offer more insights quickly. Data logging mode provides easier trend analysis and a digitizing mode for capturing transients.

Keysight N9310A RF Signal Generator

The N9310A is a general purpose RF signal generator with a full sweep function, from 9 kHz to 3 GHz. Get reliable RF signal generation at an affordable price.

Keysight N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyser (BSA)

The N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer is a value-priced, channel power measurement spectrum analyser with general-purpose functionality for the 9 kHz to 7 GHz frequency range.

B2901B Precision Source/Measure Unit

The Keysight B2900 Series precision source measure unit (SMU) provides superior performance and usability at a reasonable price.