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TestEquity is the industry’s largest authorised distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies. We stock the most solutions to help you design and build electronics. We understand highly-specialised technology demands highly-personalised service. Together, let’s put innovation to the test.

TestEquity - The Most Testing Solutions

Founded in 1971, TestEquity is the largest, most comprehensive provider of test solutions in the U.S. proudly supporting the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, education, and medical industries. From our early beginnings, we’ve been passionate about test equipment that ensures quality electronic products. It’s about having real experts with real product knowledge. So, you can perform without interruption. Because we don’t believe in tuning out. We believe in tuning in. Discovering new technologies to push us forward. And remembering technological classics that defined our industries. We want connect your brilliant designs with most testing solutions. So that you can feel pride in the engineering process. And know every single feature is accurately built. Defining the unknown. Service, precision, and accuracy is the soul to our mission. We are TestEquity. We don’t want you to just design and test. We want you to experience the difference.

We also design a full line of the industry’s highest-quality environmental test chambers. Designed by engineers, for engineers. We believe accuracy and precision are wildly important. We’re engineers too and expect reliable results, every time. We’re fueled by a legacy of expertise and excellence in helping customers solve tough technical challenges to speed product time to market. This dedication to customer service has allowed us to continuously provide masterfully engineered test chambers with many unique features and services you won’t find anywhere else. Call, email, or connect with us. We enjoy talking about testing solutions.

TestEquity is the corporate entity to Techni-Tool and Jensen featuring more than 80,000 products from over 1,000 manufacturer brands. Join us on our journey to learn about our legacy.

TestEquity UK (Formerly MCS Test Equipment)

Based in St Asaph, North Wales, TestEquity (Formerly MCS Test) is an authorised distributor focused on providing the largest and highest quality selection of test solutions, electronic production supplies and tool kits from its leading manufacturer partners supporting the aerospace, defence, automotive, electronics, education, and medical industries.

MCS Test was acquired in July 2021 by TestEquity LLC. TestEquity provides the largest and highest quality selection of test solutions, electronic production supplies and tool kits, from leading manufacturers in North America.

TestEquity UK