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Keysight Cables, Probes & accessories

'Tis the Season for Keysight Cables and Probes

"Twas the very last work week, before winter break,
Not a test was in progress—with deadlines at stake.

 Most tools had been stowed in their places with care,
 But some cables and probes had been taken elsewhere.

The engineers frantically searched their test benches,
But all that they found were loose tweezers and wrenches.

“No cables or probes? What good are our scopes?”
That’s when TestEquity restored all their hopes:

“Keysight probes and accessories, cables, and case
For all applications—we’ve covered all bases.”


TestEquity had what they needed in stock,
So they put in their orders and stopped racing the clock.

And they claimed to have heard—as they left for the night.

Happy testing to all, from our friends at Keysight.”


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Passive Probes

Current Probes

Active Probes & Differential Probes

Analyser Calibration Modules & Kits

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Power Supply Accessories

RF Adapters

Power Splitters and Limiters

Multimeter Probes