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Introducing OneAdvisor 800 Wireless Platform


Step into the future of network testing with the VIAVI OneAdvisor 800. This state-of-the-art solution not only redefines efficiency across 5G, radio tuning, and legacy networks but also elevates your entire testing experience. Picture this. Effortless fibre cable verification, including thorough inspections, precise optical power measurements and fibre verification using OTDR technology. Seamlessly confirm coaxial cable integrity with checks on return loss, VSWR, cable loss, distance to fault, and insertion gain/loss. Dive into Real-time Spectrum and Interference Analysis, featuring the advanced Gated Sweep Spectrum. And that's not all – the OneAdvisor 800 goes beyond, offering Signal Analysis Over-the-Air for 5G and LTE signals, ensuring your network is not just tested, but optimised. Experience the next level of professionalism in network optimisation with the VIAVI OneAdvisor 800.


How the OneAdvisor 800 can be used: Cell Site Installations


Radio Access Installation

  • Performs all aspects of coaxial feedline tests
  • Validates coax cable and antennas
  • Performs fibre characterisation and inspection
  • Radio Access Operation/ Maintenance

  • Identifies and locates interference
  • Verifies radio transmission per 3GPP standards
  • Measures power level and signal quality
  • Radio Access Optimisation

  • Verifies spectrum clearance
  • Detects interferences in FDD
  • TDD channels Assess radio access coverage

  • Who is the OneAdvisor Wireless for and what does it cover?

    Radio Construction (All in one solution)

    OneAdvisor 800 Wireless Platform Covers...

    • All test aspects of the transmission lines of any cell site, validating coaxial cable, antennas, as well as fibre characterisation and inspection

    Radio Operation

    OneAdvisor 800 Wireless Platform Covers...

    • Radio transmission verification according to 3GPP standards, maintenance practices assessing radio power level and coverage, as well as the ability to identify and locate interference impairments

    The Issues that the OneAdvisor 800 Wireless Solves

    The OneAdvisor platform serves as a solution to key challenges faced by customers engaged in construction, maintenance, and optimisation at cell sites and base stations:

    Streamlining Complexity

    By consolidating all required tests into one portable tester, OneAdvisor removes the complexities associated with cell site turn-up. This simplification ensures a smoother and more efficient turn-up process.

    Accelerating Time-to-Revenue for 5G Buildouts

    For customers involved in large-scale 5G buildouts, OneAdvisor becomes a catalyst for speeding up time-to-revenue. It plays a pivotal role in keeping construction schedules on track, thereby mitigating the risk of customer churn and ensuring timely realisation of revenue.

    Empowering Inexperienced Technicians

    The platform proves invaluable in expediting the learning curve for field technicians. With its user-friendly interface and automated processes, even inexperienced technicians can quickly come up to speed, enhancing overall workforce efficiency.

    Minimising Costly Rework

    OneAdvisor significantly reduces the incidence of costly rework. Its easy-to-use test processes, coupled with accurate and reliable test results, act as preventive measures, saving both time and resources that would otherwise be spent on addressing errors.

    Ensuring Reliable Closeout Results

    Bid farewell to unreliable closeout results. OneAdvisor's robust testing capabilities guarantee dependable outcomes, facilitating contractors in receiving timely payments for completed projects. This reliability is a game-changer in ensuring financial efficiency for contractors.