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Performance Like Never Before with R&S ESSENTIALS High Precision Power Supplies.

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In the realm of electronics, the effectiveness and dependability of a power supply can profoundly impact the success of any project. Swift readbacks, prompt responses, and rapid load regulation aren't merely extras; they're essential for ensuring peak performance. Designed with this principle in focus, R&S's high precision power supplies boast a user-friendly interface for smooth operation. Yet, what truly distinguishes R&S products is the enduring trust and expertise associated with Rohde & Schwarz. Explore a range where contemporary innovation converges with meticulous precision, simplifying even the most intricate tasks effortlessly.

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R&S Essential Power Supplies

Meet the Range.

R&S NGA100 Series

Linear. Accurate. Affordable. For manual operation and simple computer-controlled operation. Used in education, on the bench and in system racks.

1-2 output channels, Max.40-80 W total output power, Max. 35-100 V or max. 2-6 A per output.

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R&S NGL200 Series

The R&S NGL200 DC power supply series is perfect for challenging applications like battery tests, power consumption tests, voltage drop simulations, and supplying sensitive designs.

1-2 output channels, Max.60-120 W total output power, Max. 0-20 V or max. 6 A per output

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R&S NGM200 Series

Delivers high accuracy and swift load recovery, simulating batteries and loads. They handle load changes efficiently in mobile devices, supporting various tests and sensitive designs.

1-2 output channels, Max.60-120 W total output power, Max. 0-20 V or max. 6 A per output

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Why Choose R&S Essential Power Supplies?

Easy to Use Interface

Discover the intuitive design and user-friendly features of our high-precision power supplies. This video highlights the transformation of intricate operations into simple, streamlined tasks, enhancing the overall user experience.

High Speed Logging

Explore the realm of rapid and efficient data logging. This video showcases the remarkable speed and precision of our logging features, guaranteeing that you stay on top of your measurements and monitoring tasks without missing a single detail.

Fast Load Recovery

Gain insight into the importance of rapid load recovery with R&S high-precision power supplies. Watch as they stand ready to swiftly bounce back from disruptions, ensuring minimal downtime and seamless workflow continuity for your operations.

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