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R&S® MXO 5 Series Oscilloscope: Next-generation technology, evolved.

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Meet the MXO 5 Series, new from R&S. Expertly engineered to accelerate and enhance understanding and testing of electronic systems, the MXO 5 Series is rooted in cutting-edge technology that gives you the big picture — in stunning detail. The first of its kind among a sea of options, R&S MXO 5 Series stands alone, boasting remarkable four and eight-channel models with truly remarkable specifications.

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Quickly and reliably detect sporadic signal faults

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A high acquisition rate significantly increases the odds of detecting rare and sporadic events that may elude other oscilloscopes. The R&S MXO 5 excels in capturing all events, even when triggers are in close proximity, with more 4.5 million waveforms per second and an impressively low blind time of just 21 ns due to a rapid trigger rearm.

World's most sensitive and hysteresis-adjustable trigger

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The R&S MXO 5 Series digital trigger surpasses other systems by up to 10,000 times in sensitivity, allowing users to pinpoint elusive, small physical layer anomalies amid large signals to accelerate the debugging and troubleshooting process. Users also enjoy complete control over trigger hysteresis settings, providing added flexibility for desired trigger noise suppression.

Pristine RF measurements, now with more capabilities

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The R&S MXO 5 is supported by powerful MXO-EP ASIC architecture and additional processing capabilities, delivering ultrafast 45,000 FFT/s on multiple-spectrum displays. The oscilloscopes' superior RF performance surpasses all others in its class — and, with deep record length and spectral control independent of time domain waveforms, RF analysis becomes effortless. A wide frequency range and low noise density ensure a truly usable spectral trace for comprehensive RF insights.

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