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Tektronix is a renowned brand in test and measurement equipment, offering high-quality solutions for industries like electronics, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Partnered with TestEquity, customers gain access to a comprehensive range of Tektronix and Keithley products, including oscilloscopes, waveform generators, spectrum analyzers, and more. Tektronix instruments cater to engineers, technicians, and researchers requiring accurate measurements and analysis. Through TestEquity, customers benefit from convenient online purchases, excellent customer service, and reliable technical support.

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Tektronix Products

Digital Oscilloscopes

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75 Years of Tektronix Oscilloscope Innovation: Since its inception, Tektronix has been at the forefront of oscilloscope technology, leading the industry for over seven decades. Dive into the world of Tektronix and uncover a legacy of innovation and excellence in oscilloscope design. Explore their extensive range of award-winning scopes, renowned for their precision and reliability, making them ideal for electronic design, research, and educational purposes.

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Signal Generators

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Tektronix signal generators offer versatility, generating a wide range of signals from sensor replication to high-speed serial data and RF signals with digital modulation. Each unit can create countless analog or digital signals, meeting various debugging challenges, from simplified receiver testing to common stimulus signals and flexible RF applications.

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Spectrum Analyzers & RF Signal Analyzers

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Tektronix Real-time Spectrum Analyzers (RSAs) coupled with SignalVu analysis software deliver precise and dependable real-time RF measurements. The architecture of Tektronix RSAs allows for real-time recording, streaming, and analysis of data at full bandwidth. This capability ensures the capture, isolation, and analysis of even elusive transient RF signals with certainty.

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Explore a diverse range of Tektronix's expansive collection of probes, meticulously crafted to seamlessly pair with their renowned oscilloscopes. From high-frequency signal probing to precise measurements, you'll find the perfect solution to meet your specific application requirements, ensuring accurate and reliable results every time.

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Tektronix Solutions & Applications


Education & Teaching Labs

Power Semiconductor Devices & Efficiency

Aerospace & Defense

Solutions designed to spec. Contact us to discover the Tektronix solution that meets your standard.