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SiC and GaN Power Conversion

SiC (Silicon carbide) & GaN (Gallium nitride) semiconductors hold a number of power application advantages over the likes of silicon semiconductors. There are however more than a few challenges that designers face in the application of these broadband semiconductors (WBGs). These semiconductors offer more efficient thermal conductivity, quicker switching speeds and are considerably smaller devices in comparison to silicon. These advancements however require engineers to review the techniques used when testing and designing future power electronics. TestEquity offer a range of equipment that used to implement the testing techniques required to create SiC & GaN power electronics.

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Accurately Measuring High Speed GaN Transistors

Tektronix Application Note

This application note focuses on measurement equipment and techniques to accurately evaluate high performance GaN transistors.

Power Supply Measurement and Analysis

Tektronix Application Note

This application note describes common power supply measurements using a Tektronix 5 Series MSO oscilloscope with advanced power analysis software.

Power Measurement on AC-DC Power Supplies

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IsoVu Isolated Probes

They offer industry-leading 1 GHz bandwidth, 160 dB or 100 Million to 1 common mode rejection, 60 kV common mode voltage, large ± 2500 V differential range and superior probe loading.

4/5/6 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Pinch-swipe-zoom touchscreen user interfaces, 12-bit analog-to-digital converters, large high-definition displays, and up to 8 FlexChannel® inputs

Spectrum Analyzer Software

You can now move your analysis of acquisitions off the instrument and anywhere. SignalVu-PC is also the companion software that runs the analysis for the Tektronix USB real-time spectrum analysers and Tektronix MDO/MSO/DPO Series oscilloscopes.

AFG31000 Arbitrary Function Generator

The AFG31000 series with InstaView™ technology is the first high-performance AFG with built-in waveform generation applications, patented real-time wave monitoring, and a modern user interface.