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An Introduction to High Energy Physics

High energy physics (sometimes called particle physics) is a branch of physics that focuses on understanding the interactions of particles that constitute matter and radiation. Choose from a range of products best suited to high energy physics research including oscilloscopes, arbitrary waveform generators and spectrum analysers.

Featured Products

5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Low Profile

In applications that demand extreme channel density,
the MSO58LP Low Profile oscilloscope sets a new standard for performance.

Tektronix AWG5200 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The AWG5202 arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) leads the way in signal generation by enabling bleeding-edge innovation for engineers and researchers.

6 Series MSO Oscilloscopes

The 6 Series MSO provides the best signal fidelity for analyzing and debugging today's embedded systems with GHz clock and bus speeds...

MSO / DPO70000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

One of the most advanced oscilloscopes in its class—enabling today's engineer to see signals better with minimal noise...

AWG7000 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

With sample rates up to 50 GS/s, our 10-bit digital-to-analog technology enables the AWG7000  to cover...

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

Real time spectrum analyzers are invaluable for tracking high-frequency electromagnetic interference and characterizing transient RF events...