TestEquity UK

Undergraduate Bench Solution for University Engineering Labs

TestEquity provide a wide range of equipment and recommended benches that students will use in their studies but also find in industry after they leave education. Our recommended benches include some of the best equipment from manufacturers such as Tektronix, Keithley, Keysight, Anapico and many more. These benches assembled by our team will allow educators to provide the best education possible and help craft the technological innovators of the future.

Fundamentals Bench

Incorporating easy to use oscilloscopes, signal generators, digital multimeters and power supplies to give confidence to the student without overwhelming them with advanced features.

Project Laboratory Bench

Capture signals at higher bandwidths, measure analogue and mixed signal circuits, power management, measure in both time and frequency domain making sure the design doesn’t interfere with other items on the board.

Physics Laboratory Bench

Analyse signals and waveforms generated from other equipment including period, voltage and pulse length to more complex measurements like reflections in transmission lines and impedance matching.