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TestEquity Chambers

TestEquity Chambers TE-107-EX Export Benchtop Temperature Chamber, 19.8L (0.7 Cu Ft), -42 to +130 C, 230V/50Hz

Our Part #:16910.1


Mfr Part #:TE-107-EX

TestEquity Chambers TE-107-EX
TestEquity Chambers
TestEquity Chambers

TestEquity Chambers TE-107-EX Export Benchtop Temperature Chamber, 19.8L (0.7 Cu Ft), -42 to +130 C, 230V/50Hz

Our Part #:16910.1


Mfr Part #:TE-107-EX

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TestEquity TE-107 Chamber

TestEquity TE-107-EX

  • TE-107-EX: Export Version, 230V, 50Hz input (NOT for use in North America, Cart shown sold separately)
  • Interior dimensions: 19.8L (0.7 cubic feet) / 30.5W x 22.9H x 28.6D cm (12W x 9H x 11.25D")
  • Temperature range: -42 to +130°C
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz/5A - wall plug is included based on country
  • F4T touchscreen controller included standard (original F4 controller available via option)
  • 7.6cm (3") ports on left and right side (upgradeable to 10.2cm (4") via option TE-0040-107)
  • User adjustable high/low limit controller protects against excess temperatures
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • cTUVus listed to UL 61010-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1 (pending)

Benchtop Chamber (Temperature Only); -42 to 130°C, 19.8L (0.7 CuFt)

The TestEquity TE-107-EX is a temperature-only environmental chamber. With a 19.8L (0.7 cubic foot) interior (30.5W x 22.9H x 28.6D cm), the TE-107-EX is small enough for benchtop usage, as well as placement on a mobile cart (part# TE-1054) or rackmount adapter (part# TE-1073).

The TE-107-EX can be plugged into a standard wall outlet (230V/50Hz) - there is no need for a dedicated power line. Maximum current draw is 5A at 230V, recommended service line is 10A.

The TE-107-EX cools without LN2 or CO2 using a non-CFC single staged refrigeration system.

Controller options

The TE-107-EX is offered with two controller options. The F4T touchscreen is the most popular choice and is included as standard at no extra cost. For users preferring the original F4, it can be purchased as an option at the time of order.

F4T Touchscreen Controller
F4T Touchscreen Controller

Modern touchscreen interface
Includes RS-232 and Ethernet
GPIB via option
F4 Controller
F4 Controller

Original controller developed in 1998
Includes RS-232C
GPIB, Ethernet and analog retransmit via option

F4T Touchscreen Controller

The F4T is TestEquity's next-generation controller with an intuitive, 4.3" color touchscreen. The F4T is the most popular controller for use with the TE-107-EX and offers many easy-to-use features, including:

  • Direct alphanumeric parameter entry
  • Multiple levels of password security
  • Profile archiving and transfer via USB flash drive
  • Data logging via USB flash drive or LAN
  • Graphical trend display, eliminating the need for circular chart recorders
  • SCPI commands
  • NEMA 4 / IP65 rating for protection against dust and water

For existing F4 users, the F4T offers an F4 compatibility mode for the most frequently used commands. Please click here for more information.

F4 Controller

The original F4 controller (non-touchscreen model) features a four-line backlit LCD to display programming, setup, operation, and help information, as well as a large LED to show chamber temperature with 0.1° resolution. Internal logic provides refrigeration compressor control for responsive and reliable performance. Includes two alarms and seven event outputs to control remote devices.

Compact size

The TE-107-EX was designed to use a minimal amount of space. With a weight of 56kg (124lbs) and footprint of only 43 x 64cm (17 x 25.25"), the TE-107-EX can be placed on a benchtop, as well as a rolling cart (option# TE-1054) or in a rack with its 48.3cm (19") rackmount adapter (option# TE-1073).

7.6cm (3") access ports on the left and right side

The TE-107-EX includes 7.6cm (3") access ports on the left and right side 7.2cm (2.83") ID, enabling users to attach wires and sensors to test samples. Foam plugs are included for when ports are not in use.

It is also possible to replace 7.6cm (3") ports with 10.2cm (4"). Please see option# TE-0040-107 - this factory-installed option must be purchased at the time of order.

TestEquity TE-107 Chamber on Cart

Heating and cooling performance

Heating time for this device is approximately 8.5°C/minute (empty chamber / typical).

Cooling times are listed in the chart below. End temperatures are listed horizontally across the top.

Target Temperature +23°C 0°C -10°C -20°C -30°C -35°C -40°C
+23°C Starting Temperature - 8 min 13 min 18 min 23 min 28 min 36 min
+85°C Starting Temperature 16 min 24 min 29 min 33 min 38 min 43 min 54 min

Transition times are measured after a 30-minute soak at the start temperature.

Low noise operation

The TE-107-EX creates very little sound and vibration - the device can be placed in close proximity to staff with minimal distraction.

Cooling mode generates a sound level of 52dBA, similar to a household refrigerator. This measurement is A-weighted, measured 91.4cm (36") from the front surface, and 160cm (63") from the floor, in a free-standing environment.

Reversible chamber door

The chamber door can be easily reversed, opening from either the left or right side. This offers greater flexibility, making the device easily adapted to the workspace, and is very useful when two chambers are operated side by side.

Flexible installation and maintenance

Unlike chambers with side-to-side airflow, condenser airflow on the TE-107-EX goes from front to back. This enables multiple chambers to be placed side by side and helps to ensure proper thermal management when installed in a rack.

For additional ease of use, the condenser grille is removable from the front so the condenser can be cleaned without dismantling the workbench or removal from a rack.

Chamber warranty

Only TestEquity offers a 3-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on labor. Its extensive service network is qualified to do the job right and always has replacement parts in stock for immediate shipment. Warranty will very and is limited by country.

BrandTestEquity Chambers
Interior Volume0.7 Cu Ft
Maximum AC Current5A
No. of Ports2 x 3"
InterfaceRS-232, Ethernet
Temperature, Lowest-42C
Input Voltage230V, 50Hz, 1 PH
Temperature, Highest+130C
Inside Dimension Width12"
Inside Dimension Height9"
Inside Dimension Depth11.25"
Frame TypeBenchtop
LN2 Boost CoolingNo
£13,794.00EACH(Incl. VAT)
£11,495.00EACH(Excl. VAT)
Quantity on Order:98