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Keysight MSOX3024G Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 4/16 Channel, 200 MHz, 5 GS/s, WaveGen, 3000G X-Series

Our Part #:45107.1


Mfr Part #:MSOX3024G

Keysight MSOX3024G

Keysight MSOX3024G Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, 4/16 Channel, 200 MHz, 5 GS/s, WaveGen, 3000G X-Series

Our Part #:45107.1


Mfr Part #:MSOX3024G

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MSOX3024G InfiniiVision Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series oscilloscopes offer high-end technology in a small form factor. With an intuitive touch user-interface, industry-leading waveform update rate, zone trigger, and 8 new standard features, you can capture and isolate elusive glitches and anomalies not possible on other oscilloscopes.


  • 200MHz
  • 4 Analog Channels + 16 Digital Channels
  • Up to 5 GSA/s Max Sample Rate
  • Up to 4M points Memory Depth
  • Update Rate Up to 1,000,000 wvfm/s
  • 8.5 inch Capacitive Touch Display
  • Zone Touch Trigger

3000G Series Standard Features:

  • Waveform and Measurement Histograms
  • Built-in 20 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • 12C, SPI, UART, 12S, and USB PD Trigger and Decode
  • Mask Limit and Measurement Limit Testing
  • Standard 8-Digit Counter and Totalizer
  • Frequency Response Analysis (Bode plots)
  • Enhanced HDTV Video Analysis
  • USB host, USB device, LAN, VGA Connectivity

Includes: Passive probes N2843A, 500 MHz, 10:1 attenuation, 1 Megohm, 11 pF (1 per channel). Certificate of calibration and localized power cord.

Industry-Focused Optional Software Applications:

  • Aerospace/Defense: Enable protocol trigger and decode for MIL-STYD 1553 and ARING 429 series buses (Model D3000AERB)
  • Automotive: Enables decode for most common auto serial buses for power train and body control and monitoring (Model D3000AUTB)
  • Power: Enable automated power supply characterization measurements (Model D3000USBB)
  • USB: Extended capability for USB 2.0 triggering and analysis (Model D3000PWRB)
  • Ultimate Bundle: Enable all available software options (Model D3000BDLB)

Touch, Discover, Solve - Your Way

The 3000G X-Series offers 3 ways to access menus/features: touch GUI for those using a tablet or smart phone touch interfaces, front panel buttons and knobs for traditional users, and a pull down menu for users who prefer Windows-like operations. The 3000G X-Series also offers a “touch off” button as well as USB mouse and keyboard support.

In addition to the benefits of touch, built-in USB host and USB device ports, as well as a LAN port, make PC connectivity easy. Save time with the ability to export measurement data to Excel, Word and MATLAB in three clicks. Monitor and control your 3000G X-Series oscilloscope with a mobile device from anywhere. Simplify your testing with BenchVue software.

Fast Update Rate and Zone Triggering

With an industry-leading update rate of over one million waveforms per second, the InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series oscilloscope gives you the highest probability of capturing random and infrequent events. Powered by MegaZoom IV smart memory technology, it has the uncompromised ability to find the most difficult problems in your design under any conditions.

Analyze Waveform Data Quickly

The new 3000G X-Series uses hardware-based serial protocol decoding therefore enhancing the probability of capturing infrequent serial communication errors. It can decode two serial buses simultaneously with the use of segmented memory and Zone triggering and show the captured data in a time-interleaved “lister” display. The 3000G X-Series has the most decode/trigger capabilities in this class of instrument.

7-in-1 Instrument Integration Provides Synergistic Measurements

In addition to the class leading oscilloscope and powerful serial protocol analysis capabilities, the InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series offers five additional instrument capabilities not always found in this class of oscilloscope.

  • Integrated on MSO models – 16 optional, integrated, and upgradable digital channels
  • Frequency response analysis (Bode plots, standard)
  • Integrated WaveGen: Built-in 20 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator
  • Integrated DVM: Standard 3-digit digital voltmeter
  • Integrated frequency measurements: Standard 8-digit counter and totalizer

Bandwidth200 MHz
Display Type8.5 Capacitive Touch
Sampling Rate5 GS/s
Series3000G X-Series
Analog Channels4
Digital Channels16
Memory4 Mpts
Special FeaturesFunction/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Vert. Resolution8 bit
£8,786.40EACH(Incl. VAT)
£7,322.00EACH(Excl. VAT)
Quantity on Order:3