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Faster. More responsive. More adaptable. The new 4 Series B MSO oscilloscope is designed with versatility in mind.

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Designed for speed and versatility, the faster, more adaptable new 4 Series B MSO from Tektronix was developed to match the needs of engineers faced with a range of different and evolving daily challenges. Available in either 4- or 6-channel models with upgradeable bandwidths from 200 MHz to 1.5 GHz, the 4 Series B MSO features up to 16-bit vertical resolution. Any channel can transform to measure 8 logic channels by connecting a logic probe while also displaying waveforms, RF spectrums or both, with independent controls for each domain.

Award-winning features & options:
  • NEW, more powerful computation platform
  • NEW display technology for improved contrast
  • NEW two rear-panel USB with 3 host ports
  • NEW e*Scope browser-based remote control
  • 50% faster remote data transfers
  • 2x as responsive user interface
  • 2x faster measurements and serial decoding
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