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Power Your Test Bench with Keysight Power Supplies

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Your tests are the foundation for how the world lives, works and plays. Over the past five decades, Keysight power supplies have revolutionised engineering processes to validate designs, comprehend challenges and guarantee product excellence. On a bench or in a system, Keysight devices are engineered for unparalleled reliability and designed for optimal voltage, current, capability and precision. Keysight power supplies empower you prove designs, understand issues and ensure product quality — and they're in stock now at TestEquity. Power your next insight with a selection of options available for immediate delivery.

As an Authorised Keysight Distributor, TestEquity has the most popular models in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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Limited Offer! Choose Your Reward with Purchase of Qualifying Keysight Instruments
Increase your test capability and gain measurement insights with complimentary Keysight exclusive accessories for select qualifying purchases. This offer cannot be combined with educational discounts, trade-ins, or leased/demo/remarketed product sales.

Qualifying Products:

Once you purchased any of the above qualifying products.Claim your FREE accessories from Keysight.

Keysight Bench Power Supplies

Get the best performance and device protection with the right-size power supply.

Boasting vibrant displays, expansive viewing angles and versatile form factors suitable for any workbench, Keysight bench power supplies deliver minimal output ripple/noise and incorporate multiple layers of protection for your devices.

E36100 Series

30 to 40W
Single output, low noise, designed for today's low power devices.

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E36150 Series

Affordable while providing immense value to meet your highpower testing requirements.

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E36200 Series

200 and 400W
Single and dual output, autoranging provides more current at all voltages for power hungry devices.

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E36300 Series

80 and 160W
Triple output, low noise, and featured packed - our most popular bench power supply.

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E3630 Series

120 and 200W
Single output dual range for higher current devices.

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E3640 Series

30 to 100W
Single and Dual outputs with a flexible dual range.

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20W, 30V and 20A
Designed to operate with Keysight BV9211B Pathwave BenchVue advanced battery emulation software.

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U8000 Series

90 to 150W
Single output, manual control, an economical choice.

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U8030 Series

Triple output manual control power supplies with semi-automated sequencing.

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Save 10% on qualifying E361xx and E362xx Series power supplies through March 31, 2024. This offer cannot be combined with trade-ins or leased/demo/remarketed product sales or other promotions. This offer can be combined with educational pricing.

Keysight ATE System Power Supplies

Reduce integration and test times with a compact, programmable power supply.

Keysight's programmable automated test equipment (ATE) power supplies facilitate seamless integration into any system. Test program updates are streamlined and simplified with modern interfaces, LXI-core capability and SCPI language.

N5700 Series

750 or 1500W
ATE system power supply, small-density 1U package, 21 models to choose from.

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N6700 Series

400, 600, or 1200W
Low-profile, modular power system, 4-slot mainframe accepts 1-4 modules with 38 modules to choose from.

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N6705C Series

Up to 500W
DC power analyzer mainframe, 4-slot mainframe accepts 1-4 DC power modules, 38 models to choose from.

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N8700 Series

3300 or 5200W
ATE system power supply, compact high-power density two-unit package, 21 models to choose from.

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N8900 Series

5, 10 and 15kW
Auto-arranging DC power supply, parallels up to 100 kW, 14 models to choose from.

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Save 15% on qualifying N6700 Series mainframe and models through March 31, 2024. This offer cannot be combined with educational discounts, trade-ins, or leased/demo/remarketed product sales. This offer can be combined with “Choose Your Reward when Purchasing Qualifying Keysight Instruments” offer mentioned above.

Keysight AC Power Sources

Basic and High-Performance models to meet your AC test challenges.

Keysight offers single-phase and three-phase AC power supplies, enabling comprehensive testing of various AC-powered devices. Utilizing Keysight AC power supplies not only ensures thorough testing but also contributes to cost-effective ownership, supported by global assistance and the industry's lengthiest standard warranty.

AC6800 Series

Up to 4000 VA
Basic AC power source, maximize uptime with remote power source for stable, reliable power.

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6800 Series

375 to 1750VA
Performance AC source and analyzer, power amplifier and arbitrary waveform generator in a single instrument.

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Keysight EL30000 Series

Bench Electronic Loads with a Built-in Data Logger

The Keysight EL30000 Series Bench electronic load, equipped with a built-in data logger, offers unprecedented levels of test insights for devices such as power supplies, batteries, DC to DC converters and more. Monitor voltage and current trends in real time, enabling on-the-fly decision making and eliminating lengthy test completion.

EL30000 Series

Up to 600W
Single and dual-channel models available, fully SCPI programmable, ideal for design verification.

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